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With this holiday season delivering another mandated closure for fitness studios, we bring new levels of introspection, acknowledgement and compassion to our industry and its precious people. Our hard working team of almost 30 staff who are more than family - thank you endlessly for your commitment and constantly being a bright light even in darkest days. Our staff contribute positively to the world on days when nobody wants to get out of bed- but they do - always putting aside their own needs to spur greatness in others. Tis the season to pull together. It’s time to uproariously support people and businesses that mean something to us. Our jobs, livelihoods and community havens are on the line.

We are thankful for all the blessings that are. Our health, our freedom, our abundance of basic needs and loved ones near and far. Generous supporters and positive role models in our lives. Our cheerleaders, champions, promoters and uplifters.

We don’t ask for much. This season we are asking for your support. Our business cannot survive being shut down completely for another four weeks. At this point we managed to avoid any layoffs and major distruptions to our team and services. This won’t be the case for long.

The Stayin Alive fundraising initiatives and purchase options are ways you can help us stay alive, during these unprecedented times.

We are so grateful for your support!

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